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No hardwood floor is the same as another. The type of wood, placement of the boards, depth of the sanding, color of the stain, and style of the finish combine to create a floor that is one of a kind. While there are so many different things that go into a beautiful hardwood floor made by Genuine Flooring LLC, there is one thing that remains constant – the craftsmanship. Each floor is made with a level of craftsmanship reserved for fine furniture. Attention is made to every seam, every cut. Like a work of art, each hand-selected board is arranged so that the resulting sequence of grains and textures create a masterpiece, ready for your enjoyment and your guest’s appreciation.


At Genuine Flooring LLC, we specialize in hardwood flooring installation, custom finishing (or refinishing), and repairs. We also feature a “dustless” vacuum system to minimize the impact to your home, reduce cleanup, and ensure a spectacular result.


Whether it’s a stain in the floor, water damage from a big spill, buckling along the seams of the boards, Genuine Flooring has a way for you to solve that issue!

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